Tuesday, April 21, 2009

egg sammy

Everyone seems to be getting chickens... a friend of mine even started his own chicken coop business since they are so popular here in Portland. So, in the spirit of the chicken, here is a recipe that I just now made and ate and it was good!

I took a few leftover tomato slices from the BBQ the other night and threw them in a hot skillet with olive oil, salt + pepper, grated garlic and a few sun-dried tomatoes from a jar.
(this would be a good time to get your bread toasting - in this case the lonely panini sitting in the fridge)
Mash down the tomato a bit and saute until some of the moisture evaporates.
Make a well in the center and crack your egg on top. I broke the yolk - up to you.
cover and turn down. cook sunny side up or flip it over and add fresh basil and parmesan.
Slap it on your toasted, buttered bread.
thanks chicken!

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