Friday, April 17, 2009

what's for dinner?

I'd love to ask someone else that question, but that's just not the way it is and it's late, I'm tired... what is in the fridge? What do I want to eat? I know I want/have spinach and what goes good with spinach? Cannellini beans! (at least that's what those crazy Italians call them.) I think 'round here they call them "Great Northerns" but that just sounds gross to me. And then there are the million bags of pasta that I "got on sale" (again) and the weird thing is, I don't really even like pasta that much!
I have taken to keeping parsley handy because lately, it seems to go with everything.
So: Spinach Catalan... meet Cannellini pasta mash up. I think you'll make a good couple.

large bunch spinach. trimmed/rinsed well/drained
1/2 c golden or regular raisins
2-3 large garlic cloves sliced
1/3 c pine nuts
heavy dose of olive oil
- - - - -
steam spinach separately. set aside
heat olive oil. add garlic.
when garlic is golden, spoon it out of the pan and set aside.
turn down the heat and add the pinenuts and raisins.
when the pinenuts get a nice golden color and the raisins plump up, add the spinach/salt + pepper and garlic and heat through. you will not be sorry.

*this is a regional Catalanian dish, but I found out about it from one of the Deborah Madison cook books... so good!

a bunch of pasta
some of the cooked garlic from the last dish that you kept aside 'cause it was alot
or some sauteed shallots
one can of cannellini beans with liquid
that 1/4 head of cabbage sitting in yr fridge - chopped
grated parmesan (apparenly, I say this word wrong... every time)
olive oil
- - - - -
So while the pasta was cooking, I literally stuck the cabbage in a mesh strainer and let it sit in the cooking pasta to wilt it.
when pasta is done - drain & set aside (with your cabbage)
If you havent, saute your garlic or shallot in a good amt of olive oil until golden.
add the cabbage.
add the beans and saute until you think it looks "good" (at least hot)
add the pasta, salt + pep to taste. add parmesan. stir stir stir.
If it seems too thick, add a tiny bit of water or liqid.
top with chopped parsley and.... done!

*sorry for the blurry photo.

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