Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cucumber Jalapeno Agave and Lime Popsicles

Apparently someone sells Cucumber jalapeño lime Popsicles in Portland and I really wanted to try it. But I have no idea who or where they are so I instead concocted this recipe. They are so good! I'm completely addicted


You need:
Popsicle molds w sticks
2 cucumbers
2 jalepenos
2 limes
1/4 cup agave syrup (or to taste)

Peel and scrape out the seeds of the cucumber then cut into pieces. Scoop the seeds out of the jalapenos (or don't if you want it spicy) and chop them up. Juice the limes. Dump it all in the blender with the agave syrup and blend till smooth.

If your blender is too wussy you might want to pour the juice through a strainer to get rid of any unwanted chunks.

Pour into molds and freeze!

also made some strawberry, lime, jalapeno (similar to above recipe)
and coconut, basil, lime and chili
both were amazing!

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  1. OH MAN! You are obv a genius! I am trying this post haste