Monday, March 23, 2009

Can anybody give me suggestions tailored to my dietary restrictions?

I know it is like a homework assignment, if anybody wants to try....

here are the things i can't eat:

legumes (including peanuts, peas, all types of beans, tofu, and soybean oil and peanut oil)




i also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and need to follow doctor's orders on that stuff, low sodium, low cholesterol, etc...


  1. Hi Slim- I like a challenge... Are you also vegetarian?- Molly S.

  2. ooh i would like to know the answer to that too! it would be such a change from ... 20 years ago!

    I avoid a lot of those things too. right now I'm on a sort of modified cleanse which actually is turning out kind of yummy. brown rice and steamed veggies. which I thought would be boring but I make the rice in the rice cooker in the morning and put the veggies in the steamer when I get hungry and have it with braggs, nutritional yeast, something spicy.

    I read a lot of books by linda page (or linda rector page depending on the year) and she's really into sea vegetables so I've been adding dulse, or any other seawead i can find that's not outrageously expensive.

    the best is what i like to call "seawead burrito" which is just the above wrapped in Nori. refrigerator sushi! and everything tastes better with rice vinegar and avocados.

  3. thanks donna! i am not a vegetarian but i try to keep my red meat intake to a minimum.

    what is braggs? what kind of veggies do you like with your brown rice?

    do you have the kind of rice cooker that keeps it warm all day? mine just cooks it and shuts off, but i'm thinking about changing it. do you steam the veggies over the rice cooker, or on the stove?