Friday, March 6, 2009

decadent lentil shephards pie

Decadent because I mash the potatoes with a sweet potato and/or yam, sour cream AND cream cheese! (it's really good on it's own - it's called "tri-potatoes")

O.K. the filling is this:
bottom Layer - lentils
then - tri-potatoes (or your basic mashed)
then - seared mushrooms
then more mashed potatoes
final layer of broiled cauliflower with toasted whole cumin seeds on top.

Lentils: I use french green, but any will do.
Rinse about a cup and boil in 2 c. water/stock. (I used to buy veg stock, but now I just use the salt-free Rapunzel bouillon cause it's cheaper and easier!)
About half-way, add sauteed onion and garlic and a few good dashes of worcestershire and soy.
Salt towards the end to prevent beans from being tough. Pepper to taste with extra olive oil.

Tri-Potatoes: 4-5 potatoes/ 1 yam / 1 sweet potato.
Peel and boil with salt until it falls off the fork. Drain.
Mash well with a 1/2 stick of cream cheese + 1/2 cup of sour cream (or more, depending on how many potatoes you have).
add salt and pepper to taste. set aside.

Seared Mushrooms: any will do. I used 1/2 chanterelle, 1/2 button
Turn your cast iron skillet on HIGH. add butter. when it starts to melt, add the mushrooms and allow the mushrooms to sear on HIGH. They will get a rich golden color which gives them a nice meaty flavor. Don't stir too often. Don't turn down heat. Toss in a bowl when done.

Broiled Cauliflower with whole cumin seeds: wash. cut. toss with olive oil, salt + pepper, and toasted whole cumin seeds (just dry roast them in a cast iron pan then smash them with your mortar and pestle... mmmm - so good!)
broil in a shallow pan until golden. set aside.

Layer that shiz up in a buttered casserole dish, bake it @ 350 for about 40. Serve with a salad or braised greens and then retire to couch for the rest of the evening.

p.s. any of the above fillings work for a simple side dish. xom


  1. that looks so great! and I love that it uses lentils instead of fake meat!

  2. i'm totally going to make this this week