Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here is what I do with brussies:

get your skillet medium hot
slice in half
toss in lemon and olive oil
place all your halves face down
slap on a cover
wait a good 4 mins
test if they are tender
if not a couple more mins
sprinkle with kosher salt


finely shred your brussies
add a fat of your choice
saute until tender but still firm
sometimes we put in lemon juice or throw in nuts or cabbage
treat it like a slaw

and let's not forget roasting!

fire up that oven
slice or quarter your brussies
toss em in some oil
add their friends onions and shallots or garlic
roast until they look a bit charred and are tender
eat like popcorn


  1. can't wait to have some brussies with you!

  2. I've been making a ton of brussles too, I usually roast & serve w/toasted pecans, and then I"m often naughty and make alfredo sauce & pasta to serve them over...mmmmm