Thursday, February 19, 2009

STS makes miso gravy

STS gave me this recipe for my cookbook zine a loong time ago and I've been wanting to make it again so I'm posting the recipe. I better tell her!

1. start w/ making a roux

- olive oil or margarine in a bottom of a pan, heat it up.

- when hot, add some flour to make a paste, take off heat.

- add warm water and push it around with the paste and make a kind of saucy feeling thing (add water, stir, add more, stir, add, etc..)

2. Now that you have this white gravy, you must add seasoning, anything will do, (i.e. nutritional yeast, soy sauce, vinegar makes a fake cheese for pasta) but here's something good for dipping in sweet potato fries

- miso (spoonful)
- soy sauce (a little)
- balsamic vinegar (little)
- sesame oil
- garlic salt or powder
- nutritional yeast powder
- ginger powder
- cayenne or black pepper
- curry

mix up good, eat with everything in sight.


  1. You better tell sts :P Better yet, have that punk join this blog!

  2. Donna let's talk about margarine sometime.